Monday, January 24, 2011

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 The other night I went to see the King's Speech (against my will) and it was surprisingly good (I guess because it won a producer's guild award and had seven golden globe nominations) for a movie about a stutter... but what I took away from it was the hats! They were so beautiful on top of Helena Bonham Carter's head.
How beautiful are those hats? And when do you ever wear a hat? The last time I wore a hat was when my ears were about to fall off from the cold. I've never worn a hat as an accessory. In the 30's-40's-50's-60's hats were the biggest thing, now all you see is weird Lady Gaga ones and those who dare to step out and look put together.

anyways here are some of the most classy people I've seen.

Oh Jackie, you've changed our fashion so much
and of course our future Queen... well not mine but Englands...


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  1. I love all the hat images you found - I can't wait to see The King's Speech, it looks amazing, I think.


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