Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I feel pretty bad not posting in a while... school is crazy right now considering all the days we missed because of snow!! And I went away for break this week so you 5 followers... I hope you aren't disappointed  :)
I've also been cooped up at home and in Vermont with nothing to do and haven't been exposed to the actual world in a while so my fashion of this post in goggles.... not swim goggles but snow goggles. Yes... I just went snowboarding so this is appropriate I guess!!

sorry about it being blurry... can't help you there! There isn't too much you can do in ski/snowboard apparel without looking like a jerk. Your snowpants have to be simple, preferably black or white with maybe some detail. With your jacket, you can go all out but it can't be too busy. If it is people will get blinded and then they will break something... so you skiiers out there please get a less distracting coat for the sake of the innocent people not wanting to break their arms!! Your helmet (if you wear one WHICH YOU SHOULD!) can be bold but come on... who really wants a turquoise helmet? You can't even see it! Which leaves you with goggles. I know, they are small compared to everything else. But they can be so fun!! It makes your day so much better. I promise. If you have a great pair of goggles, everything in life becomes so much better. So go shop for the sake of fashion!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flower Power

So were finally getting closer to spring... (even though it's only February 12) but I just thought that everyone could use a little planty vibe considering you can barely see anything because it's all covered in snow. This spring, flowers are going to be big, I can tell you that. Atleast in high school they will be... who knows about everywhere else?
I really love the shorts with the flowers. (2nd picture) Pair them with a light denim jacket plain white shirt and some cute wedges and that is my ideal spring outfit. Anyone have a great spring trend?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

corrupt fashion

Just wanted to give a shout-out to those battling eating disorders. My friend has been through a lot in the past year and a half and I miss her a lot, just wanted her to know that. The fashion world shows that to be pretty you have to be skinny. But that is very untrue. Beauty comes from the inside. You don't need to hurt your body to be someone your not. Being yourself is something everyone must come to learn. Everyone is beautiful in there own way :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

this is where it starts

So I've recently been thinking about my future (argghhh!!!) and college (argghh x10) but hey I'm almost 15. I want to go into fashion and I've been spotting schools in the city but did you know Parsons is also in Paris!!! I didn't until yesterday when I had to take a dumb personality test that didn't even turn up being like me. I asked the rents and my mom told me she would move out there with me if I did. So thats not going to happen... no way. But why not go to Paris!? So I have to start saving up my money.... I would rather spend it on clothes. It will take a while because sometimes I just can't resist things :) So here are some beautiful pictures of Paris. Sit back and enjoy :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

clog on over!

I hate to think that clogs are becoming more popular. I was hoping that they died 10 years ago. Apparently not. Clogs aren't really that bad they just make your foot look like a 'soccer mom' who wants to try and be fashionable. They are not the most flattering shoe.
I really don't like the rounded toe with the embellishments around it. It makes you look clumpy and gross. If you have seen anyone pull these off, leave a comment :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Never Say Never...!!!

So my friend is a hardcore Justin Bieber fan and her and her friends entered a contest to win a premiere and won!! Just wanted to send my congratulations (and maybe you'll give me a ticket ;) just kidding love you but seriously)!