Monday, January 31, 2011


So I've basically lived in leotards since birth (being a gymnast) and I'm pretty used to them by now, but for that fashion trend.... oooo, I'm sorry for those who would like to wear them. First of all, every step you take your leotard finds its way into your butt crack. Second of all, if you don't get the right fit, it can damage your day. If it is too big, you have this huge fabric weird thing that doesn't hug your body in the back and if it's too small, again the wedgies. Along with those you get indents in your shoulders because it is pulling too hard and the crotch just doesn't feel good. I guess I'm used to it by now though. Since we wear next to nothing, leotards are a big fashion statement. The more colorful and wild you go... the cooler you are. No, I'm totally kidding but you do get a lot of compliments :) I bet your thinking 'what about shorts?'. Well, my gym won't let us wear shorts... its annoying. But I got over it. Hear are the gymnastics leotards that I advice not to buy unless you are passionate about starting gymnastics (I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over the age of 20)

Mine aren't too extravagant but I think you get the idea. So, getting back to fashion... I was looking online and I found Forever 21 selling leotards. I haven't done too much research (due to being lazy) but I bet other stores are also selling them. To clarify: NOT the gymnastics ones but the fashionable ones. They call it "bodysuits" but trust me... they're leotards.

Don't worry... there's more. Actually 10 more. I wouldn't advise looking though. I'm not putting this trend down but all I'm saying is if you don't have a high tolerance for wedgies, don't do it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fly high

So I thought I would go with the pilot theme today because I heard aviator in the song I'm listening too... haha. Most pilot apparel can be called 'timeless' and I completely agree with that statement. I guess I'll start with everyone's favorite.... sunglasses!

I love this ad, it's amazing... :)
okay honestly, I guarantee that no one could possibly hate these. Of course some people might not particularly look good in them... *cough* Michael Phelps *cough* 
But I won't judge.
Next, I love bomber jackets!!!! They are amazing...

It's like a leather jacket... but better. The distressed look of the fabric creates an amazing affect. Paired with jeans and cute boots, you're looking at a fashionable way to stay warm!
Next are the hats which seem to be extremely popular in my town

Aaaah they're so fluffy!!!!!!

It keeps your head extremely warm, especially if your living in the Northeast right now.
They are so cute, I love the shearling on the inside, keeps your feet warm too!
Wow, I didn't notice this whole 'warm' thing going on with the aviator look, I guess it was really cold up there haha
I guess we are switching from military to aviator now... I'm liking the switch despite my love of military boots!
Any new trend you guys are excited for?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow one wants you anymore!!

So everybody that lives in New England can agree with me that this is too much snow... It should stop NOW. Being a high schooler I don't want school but honestly I need to go back right now. The past two weeks I've had 5 days of school. I had a 5 day weekend last week a 3 day weekend the week before and a 4 day one this week. It's time. So this post is in the hopes of spring coming sooner (hopefully the groundhog doesn't see his damn shadow).
Here's the lovely snow that New England is experiencing (courtesy of :
It's just great. The first picture is of New Haven, Connecticut and the Second is Queens, New York.
And here is my place:

Wayyyyyy to much, I'm ready for summer
So appropriately here are some of my top bathing suits for this summer.

Gucci Resort 2011, Lanvin Resort 2011, Chanel Resort 2011, DKNY Spring RTW 2011, Suno Spring RTW 2011, and Lanvin Spring RTW 2011
I miss warm months. Please go away winter! We are done with you, thanks
I really love the Suno bathing suit because it has very beautiful patterns and isn't like the traditional skimpy bathing suits you see. The high waist doesn't appear to be grandma underwear and the frills on the bust doesn't make it little girl-ish either, it is very chic. I think we should start seeing more of that! And for those who are praying for more snow.... Stop.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

lets all jump!

While searching the internet I came across jumpers! They're so fun, you can pretty much wear them in every season (just be careful in winter :] ) The bad part about jumpers though is that you have to have the right shape and be able to wear it well. I bought a jumper when I was 12 and (for a 12 year old) my butt looked huge. It probably didn't but I was self conscious in it. But I'm willing to give it another try!
There are so many different kinds of jumpers:
short ones
long ones
medium short ones
medium long ones
strapless ones
not strapless ones
ones with pockets
ones without pockets....
I think you get it hahaha! Hopefully by this spring I'll be able to find a cute one that matches my keds!!!! (fingers crossed)

Kim can rock these...
Have fun jumping...!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

whip my hair

just thought you would like this....

top this

 The other night I went to see the King's Speech (against my will) and it was surprisingly good (I guess because it won a producer's guild award and had seven golden globe nominations) for a movie about a stutter... but what I took away from it was the hats! They were so beautiful on top of Helena Bonham Carter's head.
How beautiful are those hats? And when do you ever wear a hat? The last time I wore a hat was when my ears were about to fall off from the cold. I've never worn a hat as an accessory. In the 30's-40's-50's-60's hats were the biggest thing, now all you see is weird Lady Gaga ones and those who dare to step out and look put together.

anyways here are some of the most classy people I've seen.

Oh Jackie, you've changed our fashion so much
and of course our future Queen... well not mine but Englands...