Monday, January 17, 2011

70's.... back again?

I bet some of you were thinking about this.... I wish I was, sadly its over :( Now you have to watch reruns!! I'm actually talking about this new fashion craze, maybe we should leave the bellbottoms, but hey, the 70's did have some good stuff!
UGH I CANT STAND THIS. These are the halloween costumes that everyone whips out October 31. They're disgusting, I mean COME ON the 70's was so much better than that. However, I really like the headbands that are coming back...
I really like how they look and how many different variations you can do, I'm thinking about sporting this in the spring! Another great look that came from the hippie ages is... long dresses!
The first picture is Angelina Jolie, and the second is Forever 21 maxi dresses.
These long dresses will definitely emerge in the spring/summer time. There elegance and grace fit perfectly with the fact that you can just throw them on!! Lastly, the shoes... so cute
Very simple cute shoes. That's all I have to say
And one more thing before I leave.... I think its about time that the peace sign obssession should stop... I don't think the hippies took it this far ... and they meant literal peace (as in WAR not as in little 9 yr. old girls wearing tshirts with peace signs)

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  1. yes! look up Marc jacobs Spring 2011 RTW, totally 70s and disco influenced

    great blog!

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