Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow one wants you anymore!!

So everybody that lives in New England can agree with me that this is too much snow... It should stop NOW. Being a high schooler I don't want school but honestly I need to go back right now. The past two weeks I've had 5 days of school. I had a 5 day weekend last week a 3 day weekend the week before and a 4 day one this week. It's time. So this post is in the hopes of spring coming sooner (hopefully the groundhog doesn't see his damn shadow).
Here's the lovely snow that New England is experiencing (courtesy of :
It's just great. The first picture is of New Haven, Connecticut and the Second is Queens, New York.
And here is my place:

Wayyyyyy to much, I'm ready for summer
So appropriately here are some of my top bathing suits for this summer.

Gucci Resort 2011, Lanvin Resort 2011, Chanel Resort 2011, DKNY Spring RTW 2011, Suno Spring RTW 2011, and Lanvin Spring RTW 2011
I miss warm months. Please go away winter! We are done with you, thanks
I really love the Suno bathing suit because it has very beautiful patterns and isn't like the traditional skimpy bathing suits you see. The high waist doesn't appear to be grandma underwear and the frills on the bust doesn't make it little girl-ish either, it is very chic. I think we should start seeing more of that! And for those who are praying for more snow.... Stop.


  1. First there was snow, then swimuits. I like the belt in the last photo, the bag in the first and everything inbetween. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  2. that lanvin collection was amazing


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