Thursday, January 13, 2011

fabric shopping.... interesting....

Tomorrow I'm going to get some new fabric :) If you ask me for what, I couldn't tell you. The choices are endless and honestly, I can't make up my mind on anything.... so looks like the day off is not going to be a productive one. What I'm trying to get into is the vintage, hipster, classic look. (I know, those things don't fit together as well as I want them to). The hipster part is all about the mens, I love the way that everything fits together but they still look classy while having fun and being young (just take away the cigarette). My brother taught me all about thrift store shopping. Lately Goodwill has been my clothing supplier. Clothes tell a story, and once you get it the second time their story becomes so much better. Well hopefully the fabric store supplies me with some good ideas for what to make!!! Wish me luck.

AHHH!! kanye west (and friends) outside a Comme Des Garcons fashion show.... awesome.
eh... why not?

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