Monday, January 31, 2011


So I've basically lived in leotards since birth (being a gymnast) and I'm pretty used to them by now, but for that fashion trend.... oooo, I'm sorry for those who would like to wear them. First of all, every step you take your leotard finds its way into your butt crack. Second of all, if you don't get the right fit, it can damage your day. If it is too big, you have this huge fabric weird thing that doesn't hug your body in the back and if it's too small, again the wedgies. Along with those you get indents in your shoulders because it is pulling too hard and the crotch just doesn't feel good. I guess I'm used to it by now though. Since we wear next to nothing, leotards are a big fashion statement. The more colorful and wild you go... the cooler you are. No, I'm totally kidding but you do get a lot of compliments :) I bet your thinking 'what about shorts?'. Well, my gym won't let us wear shorts... its annoying. But I got over it. Hear are the gymnastics leotards that I advice not to buy unless you are passionate about starting gymnastics (I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over the age of 20)

Mine aren't too extravagant but I think you get the idea. So, getting back to fashion... I was looking online and I found Forever 21 selling leotards. I haven't done too much research (due to being lazy) but I bet other stores are also selling them. To clarify: NOT the gymnastics ones but the fashionable ones. They call it "bodysuits" but trust me... they're leotards.

Don't worry... there's more. Actually 10 more. I wouldn't advise looking though. I'm not putting this trend down but all I'm saying is if you don't have a high tolerance for wedgies, don't do it.


  1. haha this is interesting to hear about this from a gymnast! I've definitely seen this trend around but haven't tried it!

  2. They'll all look good with a pair of jeans. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.



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