Sunday, January 23, 2011

baggy should be banned.

While searching for my 90's style trend that I will love I came across one that I hate. Their baggy jeans. The ones that go up past your bellybutton and have absolutely no shape to them at all.
Also, I hate the washed out look of them. There is one kid in that bunch with a pair of dark denim jeans, atleast he know's what he's doing. And don't you just love the baggy shirts? That are one color? They are absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm kidding, it's just time for variation and thank god it came.The one thing I like about this picture is the kid on the right with the converse. Converse will probably never go out of style, atleast for a while. Here's a little taste of the transition from 90's to 2000's....
Gotta love Brit Brit


  1. i will forever love britney, jaja sad but true.

  2. Ahaha, I remember baby one more time! It was such an epic video.

    That photo above is funny. It reminds me of Saved By the Bell.

  3. Agreed. I tried to get on board with the whole boyfriend/straight-leg jeans trend (since I have no butt and therefor saggy/baggy is about the easiest thing ever to find) but I can't get over how HORRIBLE they look no matter what paired with. Ugh.


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