Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

ballerina project

My best friend is a beautiful ballerina who has dedicated her life to ballet. When I was with her the other day she showed me something that I just absolutely fell in love with. It's called the Ballerina Project. Simply what it is, is that a photographer takes pictures of ballerina's in the outside world of dance. It is absolutely gorgeous and stunning!


Well, it's coming close to the end of the year ! Such an exciting time for good change. I intend to keep my resolutions as long as I possibly can.... maybe for 2 months this year!! (as opposed to 2 weeks last year :\) whooppss. I think that I can do it... I need some change in my life right now. Although I'm young, I need to start thinking of my future in the fashion world. That is the one thing that keeps me motivated and excited. It is something I definitely want to pursue when I grow up. It's a hard world but I'm definitely up for the challenge.
Without further ado.................

1. Eat healthier
2. Exercise more
3. Stop being so reserved
4. Talk to people more [learn about them]
5. Take risks
6. Don't be afraid of what people think
7. Express myself
8. Keep a positive attitude

well I think I'll keep them for maybe 5 days? Not sure, maybe less... :) But I'm going to try hard!

Fashion wise: I think I just need to stop being afraid to wear what I want to wear. It's hard in high school not to conform to what everyone else is wearing because you're afraid of what people are going to say about you. I really need to get over that because, to be honest, it's just stupid... I think that I'll slowly get to this but it will take time!

I think 2011 has been a good year, it didn't suck too bad but it wasn't amazing. I grew up a lot this year; I got a job, started to take responsibilty for myself, and chose the path I want to follow. 2012 will be the year to carry these things out.

On a less serious note...
my newest obsession:
-Jean Shirts
-Oversized Sweaters
-Vintage Purses
-Mid-Ankle Boots
-Blush :)

Starting off with the jean shirts....

effortless and cute!

Oversized Sweaters

I know I'm a little late in this trend considering it was a fall '11 one but it's still winter and I find myself picking up my oversized sweaters when I don't know what to wear!

Vintage Purses

They add flavor to a plain outfit!
Mid-Ankle Boots
Not just any mid-ankle boots butttttt....
Steve Madden's Mertie Boots!!
I just got these for Christmas (actually it was an early present because I couldn't wait that long to wear them!!) and I have worn them every day since. I actually have a pair of Steve Madden oxford shoes and my mom yelled at me when I told her I wanted these because they basically are the same thing, just different heights. But, they aren't! Some things you can't wear the oxfords with and some you can't wear the Merties with. I recommend these shoes tremendously! But if you buy them, make sure to get a half size bigger than your foot because they are a tight fit :)

Not just any blush.......... buuttttttttttt
Benefit's Posie Tint!
So a new cosmetic store, Benefit, just came to my town and let me tell you... they work magic. But this blush is probably the best thing they sell. It isn't just a blush... it's a lip stain too! The blush is liquid and you just gently pat it on your cheekbones until you achieve your perfect colorful face! It also works to make your lips shiny and beautiful. Now that I have it, I'm pretty sure I can't live without it. (is that bad to say? haha)

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

Monday, November 14, 2011


ah I can't believe it's already november!! And let me tell you that this is one of my favorite months because it means that its almost december annnndddddddd ITS MOVEMBER!Moustaches are one of the best things out there...for men. For women it's a completely different story. But don't you ever find yourself wanting to wear a shirt that has a moustache on it? I definitely do... not sure about you. Well for all you scruffy men out there, have fun not shaving this month! I bet by november 30th your going to look like you just stepped out of a cave, but hey! That's okay!

So what I ended up doing for Halloween was dressing up as a "witch". I wore all black and then put on a witch hat I found from 5th grade. There was one head got a little bit fatter so I ended up just carrying the hat everywhere which was a pain in the butt, but atleast my friends got what they wanted! (they owe me big time.) And I didn't get any candy. Which is annoying but I completely blame my town because they cancelled Halloween. Who does that?! Apparently it wasn't 'safe' because the snow knocked down some power lines. So they moved it to Saturday but nobody went. They're like the grinch who stole Halloween.

My latest 'obsession' right now is disposable cameras... that's normal right? My friend had one that had a green filter over the flash so the picture turned out a little greener. When she got the pictures back there wasn't too much of a difference but it was still pretty cool.

This is me and my friend (to the right). This is supposed to have the green looks a little green right? Anyways, I'm in love with disposable cameras now because I really like how it looks kind of grainy. You know how everyone is like AHHH HD! Well, I'm like lets like have un-HD. I think it gives it a cool effect. Plus they're so much easier because it doesn't matter if you lose it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

trick or treat smell my feet!

So I'm trying to keep up with this blog, HOPE IT WORKS! Well, Halloween is around the corner... like to take this moment to say happy 23rd to my big bro... you owe me some yankees tickets. Anyways.. I'm being forced to go trick or treating this year with my friends. I accepted on one conditions, No Costume. I would love to say that I'm a spirited person but the truth is that I am completely not. Why this week is spirit week in our school because we have our Homecoming Game on Saturday (its sooo late this year),
Monday= Pajama Day (Would've loved to do this but I wasn't in the spirit because I have to dive at 5:30 in the morning and was wide awake)
Tuesday= Color War (Sophomores are supposed to wear green and guess what?! I dont own any.....)
Wednesday=Decades Day (Um I'm dressing up in the 10's decade....duh.)
Thursday=Twin Day (My mother gave birth to only one of me)
Friday=Blue and White Day (I kinda have to wear blue and white [our school colors] because I'm on the swim/dive team and we have pep rally pennies [that are butt ugly])
So my friends love to beat me up around this time as I walk through the hallways because I'm not spirited and I won't dress up like an Indian for Halloween. I'm just trying not to look stupid, people, because everyone in school looks so dumb right now. NO OFFENSE. It's just me :) And I haven't dressed up for halloween since 6th grade. Its over and done with. I just go out for the candy now. Sorry guys, Indians just aren't my thing!
Anyways, I am absolutely exhausted in every single way and I even slept through my alarm this morning which meant no diving for me :] wootwoot. best moment of my day. But as I'm searching through my brain and the internet for ideas to put up I came across 2 images that I fell in love with in the 5 minutes I was searching....
So first... can I be her? She looks so effortless and comfortable. I'm just extremely jealous of everything she is wearing right now. I want that polka dot sweater soooo badly and I think I just decided to wear my hair in a braid tomorrow.

So these are skateboards if anyone was freaking out... I would like to say I know how to skateboard (I learned when I was 8) but I do snowboard so I have some connections to this! These are so girly but at the same time they are so amazingly awesome that I don't even care. Like the bottom right one has those geometrical designs and such but then you have the blue, white, and green blocks in the middle and I just fall in love again.

Don't worry my 12 followers, you'll be hearing from me soon!

What are your ideas for Halloween? Anyone have something that I can do without looking dumb?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So of course in that last post I TOTALLY meant to keep writing... whoops!! Instead I got a job (lifeguarding) and diving. Diving is possibly one of the worst sports ever. Especially because of the 5 a.m. practices every. single. day. I don't even know why I'm posting this right now I too tired to even keep my eyes open. Well I pretty have nothing to say right now so here a few pictures while I think of something....

Didn't mean to go all 'artsy' there....wasn't what I wanted! I thought of something... As much as we laugh at those people who go out of their way to be 'artsy', we all have that secret desire. Some people make it seems so damn easy too. Which kinda makes me mad. But if you live where I live, everyone tries to be artsy and not mainstream, but because everyone is doing it, it is totally mainstream haha. Thats the problem with the indie image. But just remember, hipsters are one step ahead of you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Strokes

Albert Hammond of my new favorite band, The Strokes, has pretty much shaped the bands look and the look of the modern (-ish) rocker of the 00's and 10's (that's weird saying the 10's it sounds like 1910 cuz we usually say the 50's or 70's) haha tens... anyways here he is..

looks like a cool cat right? Anyways here's the band...

They've got their converse (preferably battered), skinny (ish) jeans and they're either leather studded jacket  jean (denim, black), or really just any jacket and a random shirt... so pretty much they just rolled out of bed and are rocking. Sounds good to me! They're hair doesn't even require a comb for their look! The most attractive looking one of these happens to be the lead singer... JULIAN CASABLANCAS!
Anyone else agree?! I love how he wears his sunglasses.... do I remind you of a crazed fan? Yup, I guess I could say that I'm one in the making

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rain rain go away

So if any of you have been losing track of time like I have, you would also think it's still March right? Yeah well, I was informed today that no, we are pretty much half way through April... you should have seen how surprised I was! I guess this post is overdue than, because our rainy April is almost gone! Anyways, the ugly rain I have been witnessing for the past two days shows no sign of stopping so all of my raingear has come out including my duck umbrella... something like this:
pretty cool huh? Yeah well I'm in high school now and this doesn't fly so I use it out in my backyard... just kidding! I think it's very clever because its not only cute, but it also has an extension of the umbrella (the beak) to allow for multiple people to stand underneath it without getting soaked! If you were to walk through my halls right now, I could guarantee that you will see 99% of the female population wearing some form of Hunter Rain Boots. It's crazy!

Some of these are very cute (I'm not sure about the zebra sock that you can insert into your wellies) but excluding those, I like them!! My rainboots however are L.L. Bean, awesome huh? How are you feeling about this rain?