Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rain rain go away

So if any of you have been losing track of time like I have, you would also think it's still March right? Yeah well, I was informed today that no, we are pretty much half way through April... you should have seen how surprised I was! I guess this post is overdue than, because our rainy April is almost gone! Anyways, the ugly rain I have been witnessing for the past two days shows no sign of stopping so all of my raingear has come out including my duck umbrella... something like this:
pretty cool huh? Yeah well I'm in high school now and this doesn't fly so I use it out in my backyard... just kidding! I think it's very clever because its not only cute, but it also has an extension of the umbrella (the beak) to allow for multiple people to stand underneath it without getting soaked! If you were to walk through my halls right now, I could guarantee that you will see 99% of the female population wearing some form of Hunter Rain Boots. It's crazy!

Some of these are very cute (I'm not sure about the zebra sock that you can insert into your wellies) but excluding those, I like them!! My rainboots however are L.L. Bean, awesome huh? How are you feeling about this rain?

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