Tuesday, October 25, 2011

trick or treat smell my feet!

So I'm trying to keep up with this blog, HOPE IT WORKS! Well, Halloween is around the corner... like to take this moment to say happy 23rd to my big bro... you owe me some yankees tickets. Anyways.. I'm being forced to go trick or treating this year with my friends. I accepted on one conditions, No Costume. I would love to say that I'm a spirited person but the truth is that I am completely not. Why this week is spirit week in our school because we have our Homecoming Game on Saturday (its sooo late this year),
Monday= Pajama Day (Would've loved to do this but I wasn't in the spirit because I have to dive at 5:30 in the morning and was wide awake)
Tuesday= Color War (Sophomores are supposed to wear green and guess what?! I dont own any.....)
Wednesday=Decades Day (Um I'm dressing up in the 10's decade....duh.)
Thursday=Twin Day (My mother gave birth to only one of me)
Friday=Blue and White Day (I kinda have to wear blue and white [our school colors] because I'm on the swim/dive team and we have pep rally pennies [that are butt ugly])
So my friends love to beat me up around this time as I walk through the hallways because I'm not spirited and I won't dress up like an Indian for Halloween. I'm just trying not to look stupid, people, because everyone in school looks so dumb right now. NO OFFENSE. It's just me :) And I haven't dressed up for halloween since 6th grade. Its over and done with. I just go out for the candy now. Sorry guys, Indians just aren't my thing!
Anyways, I am absolutely exhausted in every single way and I even slept through my alarm this morning which meant no diving for me :] wootwoot. best moment of my day. But as I'm searching through my brain and the internet for ideas to put up I came across 2 images that I fell in love with in the 5 minutes I was searching....
So first... can I be her? She looks so effortless and comfortable. I'm just extremely jealous of everything she is wearing right now. I want that polka dot sweater soooo badly and I think I just decided to wear my hair in a braid tomorrow.

So these are skateboards if anyone was freaking out... I would like to say I know how to skateboard (I learned when I was 8) but I do snowboard so I have some connections to this! These are so girly but at the same time they are so amazingly awesome that I don't even care. Like the bottom right one has those geometrical designs and such but then you have the blue, white, and green blocks in the middle and I just fall in love again.

Don't worry my 12 followers, you'll be hearing from me soon!

What are your ideas for Halloween? Anyone have something that I can do without looking dumb?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So of course in that last post I TOTALLY meant to keep writing... whoops!! Instead I got a job (lifeguarding) and diving. Diving is possibly one of the worst sports ever. Especially because of the 5 a.m. practices every. single. day. I don't even know why I'm posting this right now I too tired to even keep my eyes open. Well I pretty have nothing to say right now so here a few pictures while I think of something....

Didn't mean to go all 'artsy' there....wasn't what I wanted! I thought of something... As much as we laugh at those people who go out of their way to be 'artsy', we all have that secret desire. Some people make it seems so damn easy too. Which kinda makes me mad. But if you live where I live, everyone tries to be artsy and not mainstream, but because everyone is doing it, it is totally mainstream haha. Thats the problem with the indie image. But just remember, hipsters are one step ahead of you!