Wednesday, January 26, 2011

lets all jump!

While searching the internet I came across jumpers! They're so fun, you can pretty much wear them in every season (just be careful in winter :] ) The bad part about jumpers though is that you have to have the right shape and be able to wear it well. I bought a jumper when I was 12 and (for a 12 year old) my butt looked huge. It probably didn't but I was self conscious in it. But I'm willing to give it another try!
There are so many different kinds of jumpers:
short ones
long ones
medium short ones
medium long ones
strapless ones
not strapless ones
ones with pockets
ones without pockets....
I think you get it hahaha! Hopefully by this spring I'll be able to find a cute one that matches my keds!!!! (fingers crossed)

Kim can rock these...
Have fun jumping...!!


  1. Lovee the second one!! I want it :)

  2. I love rompers and body suits. I love seeing how all the fashion bloggers have changed the style to work in winter. layers=everything


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