Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fly high

So I thought I would go with the pilot theme today because I heard aviator in the song I'm listening too... haha. Most pilot apparel can be called 'timeless' and I completely agree with that statement. I guess I'll start with everyone's favorite.... sunglasses!

I love this ad, it's amazing... :)
okay honestly, I guarantee that no one could possibly hate these. Of course some people might not particularly look good in them... *cough* Michael Phelps *cough* 
But I won't judge.
Next, I love bomber jackets!!!! They are amazing...

It's like a leather jacket... but better. The distressed look of the fabric creates an amazing affect. Paired with jeans and cute boots, you're looking at a fashionable way to stay warm!
Next are the hats which seem to be extremely popular in my town

Aaaah they're so fluffy!!!!!!

It keeps your head extremely warm, especially if your living in the Northeast right now.
They are so cute, I love the shearling on the inside, keeps your feet warm too!
Wow, I didn't notice this whole 'warm' thing going on with the aviator look, I guess it was really cold up there haha
I guess we are switching from military to aviator now... I'm liking the switch despite my love of military boots!
Any new trend you guys are excited for?


  1. those aviator shades are such a clssic... <3

  2. Really nice! I love those aviator shades.

  3. Love the 3rd pic :)


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