Monday, March 7, 2011

New York City and Middle Parts

This past week I got to be in the city 2 days!! ahhh heaven.... Missing school and shopping can brighten anyones day :) While shopping in SoHo, I was amazed by everyone that passed by... It was like a surprise to see all these fancy people. However, shopping gets me so frustrated when I can't look good in the fashions that I see around town (also the fact that I have no money...) So the outcome of my two trips was a shirt from Forever 21, two shirts from Urban Outfitters, and a new haircut :) I part my hair in the middle now and it is layered with an angle. I love it!, but my mom doesn't. That's okay... she'll get used to it. Our family has a french friend who came for 3 months last year and for a week this year. I love when she comes! It's so fun and she shows me what our fellow Parisians are doing now in fashion. So this time is the middle part. While all you guys are doing the side part, some are getting ahead of you! better catch up....
They all look so polished and trendy... ahhh I love this hair now! Anyways, it might not look good on some people but honestly, play with your straightener and curler and it will eventually fall naturally... just give it a try!!


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  2. I loved the photos!!
    I'll wait you in Moças Vip's!!


  3. Great blog. Very interesting and stylish.
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  4. I agree, they're all so glamorous. I'm loving the hair, too!

  5. they are always so perfect :)
    I prefer them with the curly hair!


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