Friday, March 25, 2011


Well spring is approaching (who knew it's actually spring currently?!) The northeast recieved a great present. Trust me I was not happy about this... snow. During spring. I mean come on really? Thank god that it melted quickly, I would have been extremely depressed considering the extensive time I've put into my transition oufits (winter to spring). 2 weeks ago brought us AMAZING weather with temperatures that put me in such a good mood. Let me tell you, this hasn't been a very good week for me.... Anyways my amazing outfits have a current theme in them.. cropped! I know, this style was here last year but I'm pretty sure that my high school will be full of cropped clothing by May 1st. My personal favorite is cropped tops because, well I don't know.. I just really like them! Here are some cropped clothes from forever 21:

I really love the light denim cropped pants and the white knit sweater, perfect for a light spring day... talking about spring is making me so sad, I'm looking at the temperature and it's telling me a bad number. Whats that saying? March is in like a lion and out like a lamb? Well I'm pretty sure lambs aren't cold... they've got some warm blood and are extremely cute and fluffy (that qualifies as warm right? warm feelings, warm weather same thing...) Anyways, can't tell you if cropped is going to be in during spring but I gaurantee that I will be wearing it :)

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